Friday, August 14, 2015

Our school room

My big summer project has finally been completed!  When we moved a year ago, I had simply packed up ALL of our school things and craft supplies without sorting or evaluating.  Then, I unpacked the boxes onto shelves and we started school.  
So, I spent a good bit of my time this summer sorting through curriculum, putting aside what we don't use, and organizing the rest.  I also picked up three new bookshelves!  Two tall ones with a long, low one in between.  I have been dreaming of this homeschool set up for years, and now we have it!!  
It's fantastic to have room for all of our paper and craft supplies, and cupboard doors to close off the less-presentable parts.  We even have a really big marker board between the shelves.  
Our family room has really become a classroom, but this is our life.  

the "big picture"  
-kids' library in back left corner
-pets on the right (birds and guinea pigs)
-school bookshelves at back right

-new encyclopedia set
-reference books
-fish tank
-puzzles in basket on top

A better look at the corner library

our big map, and a place to hang our Timeline cards!
-the kids stand on the bench to mark places on the map

For now, extra supplies are tucked neatly into baskets--
we'll see how long they stay that way

Each of the kids has a large white basket where their school books are kept.
For school time, they simply pull out their basket
-the small baskets in the middle hold glue, stencils, paint, and other supplies
And of course, LOTS and LOTS of paper, with easy access

The table belonged to my parents.  It was in their first house after they were married.  I grew up with this table, and LOVE having it for our school space.  (the chairs were yard sale or dumpster finds)

A little corner with toys for the little girls
-marble run
-wooden puzzels
The colored trays are the kids' "cubbies" where they put any art/crafts they want to keep or send to family

That's it!  School starts for us August 24.  

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Boys' creation

The boys built an electric wheel chair with their connects.
It is operated by an Einstein (programmable robot), and even includes a seat belt.  Samuel says the parts over the duck's head are a projector so the can watch a movie while he's riding around.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Just a regular school day

Everyone was sitting and working diligently at the table.  I figured I should snap a picture to document the moment.  No toddlers vying for a spot on my lap while I try to explain grammar to the boys or help Cora with division. 
However, this is typical: Everyone still in pajamas, coffee for mom, and lots of paper. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Felicity's 'chool

Felicity always asks for school work to do while I'm teaching the boys in the mornings.  Her favorite tasks are coloring, cutting, and pasting.

Samuel's writing

Samuel has been working diligently on his cursive

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Samuel's drawing

This is an illustration in Samuel's latest book.  Journey to the center of the earth.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Dolly for Ada

Cora made a little doll for Ada.  She selected the fabric, cut it out, and even did the cross-stitch for the face.